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From a very young age,Tomás Martínez, was surrounded by art. From design, architecture, photography, painting and even decorating, his family hovered over the creativity and soaked it. This way to create, has always been manifested as something important in his daily work.

His studies as an artist, his experiments and explorations of techniques seemed to be as divers as the forms of art that surrounded him when he was a child. He has passed through painting, sculpture, photography, art installation, ceramic gres and raky; besides video, performance and unconventional techniques that he has been linked more to our times, -which in his words- “are marked by the immediacy imposed by technology and social media”.


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Considering that you have used a lot of techniques, in what materiality is your work currently focused?

Over the past two years I’ve been interested in writing and the text, as the main character of a new research where the starting point is to retake the purist essence of American conceptualism of the mid-sixties and early seventies. Rescuing thoughts around linguistics with the use of tautologies (saying the same) as well-formed formula to create exercises where what is shown Is, and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Tomas’ Artworks have a drawing, a portrait, a person who –without having to be linked to the text-is there, at rest. Such as an object of decoration in an old house, as an object that within its context is necessary without explanation which seems to be completely replaceable or unnecessary, but not. It reminds us that the text is there, that we are who interpret it and plays with the conceptual connotations, until we are able to read again and again rescuing significant by the meaning.

“I take the use of portrait as constant that has been maintained over time. I use this in its varied interpretations to give life to the artwork”


When do you started to include the text in your artworks?

I think the text has been in one way or another present in the different things that I’ve done. An example is a series of paintings that I made a few years ago that I burned; I did not throw them because the most important thing to me is that they have writings from behind, revealing two artworks in one.

How is the text/image relation given?

At first, I began to do only textual exercises, then, naturally appeared the image giving other logics to the artwork, and thus the collage and drawing that are setting a certain formula.

The constant process of creating and research has led him to continue perfecting himself in his work. At the moment he is in Germany to study and improve in medial arts -area that he still has to enter-, meanwhile he is still working on new projects that help to maintain that creative environment that led him to visual art.

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