La inmensidad de Verónica Doerner

Delicate, subtle, harmonious, but at the same time, intense, powerful, and overwhelming: An interesting dichotomy, this is the artwork of Veronica Doerner. their characters, environments, and landscapes appear as if they were captured spirits at the exact moment in which they grown vein, evoke an instant that transcends the artwork itself, immersing the viewer in a vast immensity of figures and colors.






















Verónica uses mixed techniques, moving in a variety of formats and supports.  Mainly, what it is striking in her work, is the use of color: intense, bright, with hard tones, but at the same time, it contrasts with the portrayed characters, delicate, drowsy, and fragile at first sight, but seize the space and they go beyond of what it built for them. A magnificent artwork that never ceases to amaze with its topics. Verónica Doerner, with her exquisite style, transports us to other dimensions, to other times.





























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