El dinamismo abstracto en la obra de Luz María Benavente

Artworks full of colors and abstract shapes, as if they had been born from the purest innocence, or own elaborations of Wonderland, this is how the Luz María Benavente’s work is presented: colorful allegories of the everyday world.

Luz Benavente

Filled with figures without a fully defined shape, the story that she shows us in her artworks is dynamic, a funny interpretation of the world because nothing remains in his place. We are spectators of the coexistence of the different techniques and appliances of acrylic from which her works are made: all the elements coexist in a given space, but her way of doing it is singular and vibrant, they change, they have life and color, they are not a representation, they are their very existence. Thus, Luz has created a way to see the world full of colors and joy.

Luz Benavente
Cup of tea
Luz Benavente
The tree of good
Luz Benavente


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