Lorena Gallego y la tentación de interpretar

An invitation to contemplate, thus could be defined Lorena Gallego’s artworks, those that possess a large range of colors, shades and shapes, which in complicity play and incite the spectator to look and analyze.

PIXELES 14 | US$ 192












In Pixeles watercolors make up amorphous shapes that simulate reflexes into the water in Pixeles. Abstract pictures that seem to dance, possess brightness and dynamism. The spectator search himself in those reflexes, completing the composition made by several little squares.

On the other hand, RoschArt, is an invitation to interpret, to discover each other and to discover the artist through this game of stains and colors. Thus, spectators form a link with the artwork, it is a visual delight, and at the same time, is a temptation to interpret.

Lorena Gallegos
PIXELES 9 | US$ 124
PIXELES 10 | US$ 124
Lorena Gallegos
PIXELES 5 | US$ 354
































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