Desnudando a Colombia en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá

During June, the US photographer Spencer Tunick arrived in Bogotá to make one of his artistic productions. The result: a photograph exhibition with thousands of bodies that show and equal country.

From December 7 to 20, in the Bogotá’s Modern Art Museum is exhibited Spencer Tunick in Colombia, result of calling more than 6,000 people that had a reason to get undressed and to be part of this exhibition that involved transversely photography and people to lead into a human installation (Look at Undressed Skin, Spencer Tunick in Colombia.)

There were eight images chosen to be part of the exhibition. In them, some places of Bogotá were shown together with the skin of the attendees. The Plaza de Bolívar held naked bodies; streets made of stones in La Candelaría were useful as bed while the cold fog covered people;  the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center supported freehand yells; y the Colon Theater was introduced again, as in the ancient Greece, naked bodies in its seats, on the stage, and in the whole facility.


“We seek for generating new spaces and making a bet for new alternatives of international artists as the case of the US photographer Spencer Tunick, who showed us how Bogotá is consolidating as a city that has the best of the artistic avant-garde in the world,” explains Claudia Hakim, Modern Art Museum director who received the exhibition expecting the attendees to remember those moments as an act of equality, in which unit without matter of races or gender was deprived of fears and distress memories.

With the progress of the country and the hope of a better world as a model, during the exhibition, a documental was shown. The documental met several testimonies of some participant that narrate the history of why getting undressed in a country like Colombia. Violence and army conflict are some of the facts revealed in the video, reasons that recall an idea of freedom and that Spencer Tunick with his camera achieved to capture in emotions and dreams the emanated in the naked skin of the Colombians.

To see the documental of the Spencer Tunick’s visit in Bogotá, click the following link:

Piel al descubierto, el acto artístico de Spencer Tunick en Colombia



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