Marta Minujín recibió Premio Velázquez de Artes Plásticas 2016

The Argentinean artist Marta Minujín received yesterday the Velázquez Visual Art Prize as an honor to her supreme creativity. 

Marta Minujín

The Award, presented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport since 2002, is awarded in recognition to merits in any manifestation within Visual Arts of an Ibero-American artist. It’s the equivalent of the Miguel de Cervantes Prize in literature

According to the jury, the prize was awarded “because with her supreme creativity ‘everything is art’, she is a pioneer in new artistic behaviors and in in the overflowing of the institutional frame of art and media.” The proceeding of the jury also says:

“Her countercultural position and the political commitment in a particularly difficult moment remain in the current international conjunction. The desacralisation of popular myths and the activation of social ties have become her in a foremother of the mayfly and relational practices.”

Minujín is the third women awarded with this prize with 100,000 euros. Other artists awarded with the prize are Ramón Gaya, Antoni Tapies, Pablo Palazuelo, Juan Soriano, Doris Salcedo, and Artur Barrio, among others.

Marta Minujín was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1943. She studied in the National Schools of Fine Arts, in the same city, and showed her first individual exhibition in 1959 in the Agón Theater. One year later, he won a scholarship by the National Endowment for the Arts, Argentina, which allowed her to settle in Paris. In 1966, she obtained de Guggenheim Scholarship and moved to New York, place in where two years later, in a context of civil protests, she performed the acts Kidnappening and Imago Flowing. In the first, she mixed kidnapping with happening, and in the second, she mixed opera and happening.

With an international long career path, the artist has been prized with: Konex Award – honorable mention (2012) and also with the Platinum Konex Award respectively in 1982 and 1992. Her artwork is exhibited in the Solomon R. Guggehnheim Museum (New York, USA 😉 in the United Nation’s Indonetian Hall (New York, USA 😉 Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, USA 😉 Museum of Modern Art (Medellín, Colombia 😉 Art Museum of the Americas (Washington DC, USA 😉 Museum of Modern Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina.) She also has private collections in France, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, USA, and Canada. Marta Minujín is still working as an artist in his workshop in the Buenos Aires’ neighborhood of San Cristóbal.



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