Obras de nuevos medios se instalan en Valdivia

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Valdivia (MAC) will exhibit the artwork of three different internationally emerging artists during November and December.  Jon Jacobsen, Camila Lobos y Philip Klawitter will show their work where new media is the technique which unifies concepts about politics, evolution, and the human being.

From November 11th to December 28th, the MAC vaults will be filled with light and technology due to the exhibition Proyecciones Actuales, curated by Francisca Castillo and Elisa Massardo, who called three artists to show their work across the country, starting on the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Valdivia.

The importance of the exhibition resides in the originality of new media in current contemporary art, along with the fact that it is scarcely exhibited in regions. Breaking the centralism of the national cultural scene, generating new bonds, and spreading new forms of art are of vital importance to the curators as well as to the artists.

Camila Lobos
Border, Camila Lobos

“Regions don’t have the same opportunities than Santiago to attend to contemporary art exhibitions and even less chances to know new media art, where art and technology get together to generate diverse experiences on the viewer.”

– Francisca Castillo, curadora de la muestra.

New media characterize by generating diverse ways to address the creation of visual artwork which uses different supports and materiality than the usual, where technology is an important part of the creation of every piece of work. Thus, Proyecciones Actuales art pieces reunite different views about the capacities of new media in order to generate a particular visual content. This is a visual and audiovisual experience in which the viewer becomes fuller involved in the aesthetic imaginary of these three artists.

Jon Jacobsen
Ínsula, Jon Jacobsen

These art pieces may look different from each other at first sight, but all of them represent a very intense creative exploration. Without being afraid to experiment, in this exhibition, we can appreciate different ways to face technique and materiality: photography, projections, videos, GIF, and the inclusion of Internet; all they are united to create multiple sensations that involve us in new aesthetic values present in contemporary art.



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