Conoce a los ganadores del concurso Arteespacio

Around 300 artists participated in the contest organized by Galería Artespacio this year, with a great variety of techniques and languages that allowed appreciating young art scenario.

The jury of the contest was formed by Manuel Olivares, Director of BBVA Group; the visual artists Bororo and Josefina Guilisasti; Daniela Rosenfeld, Graduated in Aesthetic at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; and Pablo Chiuminatto, visual artist and academic.

The results:

1st prize: Francisca Garriga, with Volumen II: toothpicks on wood with direct references to geometric and optical art, where she wittily combines a mixture of domestic materials with a twist that makes them especially original. Brilliantly crafted, with rigor and professionalism, her work supports an intriguing graphic image. (Main image).

Obra de Violeta Larraín

2nd prize: Violeta Larraín, with Rosa XXXIV: a mixture of petals. She uses as material, elements that belong to nature as the delicacy of flowers. The artist created a chromatic surface that, like a subtle fabric, articulates maps, textures, and a transcended spatial capacity.

Obra de Felipe Lavín
Obra de Felipe Lavín

3rd prize: Felipe Lavín, with Patrón: intervened digital photograph. To this art piece, he brings back the geometric tradition but increasing it with the tools that offer digital art. They are abstract images that form a symmetric polyptych where form and content combine through a pattern.

Honorable Mentions: Pia Bahamondes, with Autoretrado n° 14 y n° 16, highlighting the validity of this technique and its possibilities; and Paloma Maturana, with Jardín, mixed technique on fabric that, from a spontaneous and ludic narration, remind us The Garden of Earthly Delights by  Hieronymus Bosch.



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