Llega Wikiarte 2016, el evento para editar y escribir sobre arte latinoamericano

With the goal of spreading and editing online information about Latin-American art on Wikipedia, the event named Editatón Wikiarte will be carried out on November 12th at the library of the National Museum of Fine Art of Argentina. This initiative will match similar editions of other Latin-American countries, like Venezuela and Mexico.

The decision of controlling online information about artists and their work responds to the current necessity of promoting a correct spreading of the artists and their work worldwide. Additionally, promote public participation in data record and the accurate diffusion of online information.

The fact that Wikipedia is the principal display case of information about life and work of Latin-American artists demands urgency about the custody and construction of the contents spread because data can be uploaded and modified by anyone, anytime.

The event will count with the presence of professionals and researchers interested in the area, and call the general public to contribute with their knowledge. The Museum will provide information from their library and records of more than a hundred artists.

Saturday 12th of November, from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm. Interested people shall bring a laptop, additionally, will have to create a Wikipedia account and register on www.eventbrite.com.ar/e/wikiarte-argentina-2016-tickets-28845031265.



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