Alfredo Jaar gana Premio Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de la Fundación Kablanc Otazu

With the artwork El Color de Nuestras Vidas, Alfredoo Jaar was the awarded in the first edition of the International Award of Contemporary Art organized by the Kablanc Otazu foundation.

The artwork El Color de Nuestras Vidas consists in a monumental composition compound by four cubes made of glass, transparent; dimensions represents the four types of wines that Otazu produces: red, white, rose, and champagne. Besides, each one contains water, the only element that can compete with wine, according what Jaar explains, being always in movement thanks to a recycling system that makes it constantly circulate. The four cubes also symbolize the four element that define us: fire, air, earth, and water, being a celebration to life.

Kablanc Otazu Art Foundation is the new project of Bodega Otazu and its CEO, Guillermo Penso, because of his commitment with culture and art world, which is demonstrated with the impressive collection that is exhibited in the vineyard’s land, where Xavier Mascaró’s, Anish Kapoor´s, Arturo Berned´s, Manolo Valdés’s, Rafael Barrios’, and, since October 2012, Alfredo Jaar’s artworks will be exhibited.



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