La luz natural de Julita Luco Echeverría

The artist born in Madrid and that settled down in Chile, Julita Luco Echevería mixes her knowledge as graphic designer with painting. The light is the protagonist of evocative landscapes that arise from inside Luco’s creative mind. Stain, transparency and color are the actors that gave life to the compositions that, through a personal creative focus, generate nature-centered landscapes.

The artist dominates several techniques, such as oil painting, acrylic painting, pigments, coal and other mixed specialties. Nature from light is the focus that Julita Luco wants to show to the observer; tonalities that play with space and that give importance to the work are in charge of accomplishing this objective.

Julita Luco
El color de mi jardin
Julita Luco
© Julita Luco
Julita Luco
Ciudad en Movimientos



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