Desde mañana podrás ver la obra “San Juan Bautista”, de Caravaggio en Chile

For the first time in Chile a Caravaggio’s work, “Saint Joan Baptiste” will be exhibited in the National Museum of Fine Artes, between October 21 and December 18.

The exhibition, made together with the curator Sandra Accatino, also contemplates an original copy with unknown date made by Caravaggio between 1600 and 1604, which was acquired by the Chilean State in 1857 to be part of the MNBA’s collection. Besides, it it included the contemporary work “La Conversión” (2016) by the Chilean artist Josefina Fontecilla, which cites the work “The Concaravaggio-san-juan-bautistaversion of Saint Paul” (1601) by the Italian painter.

This way, to put in dialogue works from different periods and contexts are achieved, with the idea of understanding Caravaggio’s importance in Chilean art. According to Roberto Farriols, MNBA’s director, in the statement: “The presence of Carav
aggio in Chile is integrated to the expository line that the last years we’ve been developing about important reflections about the value of the original works and their influences in training Chilean artist, whose works are part of the MNBA’s collection. For example, the European art at the end of the 19th century.”

The exhibition is made thanks to the financing and motion as a group of the Embassy of Italy in Chile, the Italian Institute of Culture in Santiago, and the companies Grupo Enel group, Enel Chile, and Enel Green Power. They have an endorsement contract with the Capitoline Museums in Roma, owners of the work.

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