Sergio Castiglione | “Fotógrafo Urbano del Año es uno de esos concursos que sin duda participaría si no fuera jurado”

The  CBRE’s Urban Photographer of the Year competition, is the biggest one in its type. It celebrates wealth and diversity of urban life throughout the world when defying professional photographers as well as amateurs to catch the essence of urban environment.

In this tenth edition, the photographer Sergio Castiglione will participate as jury. The following, is a brief interview to know him better:

How did you make an incursion in Photography?

Photography has been always present in me, as a complimentary activity to my professional life as architect. Someday, it pushed off and had own life.

What do inspire you to take photos?

Everything commences as a hobby more than a need to practice your profession. That’s why my mark in photography is related with ludic. When I’m with the camera, I play to find elements, figures, reflections, and shadows that surprise me. What inspires me the most is urban photography, because I’m in love with cities.

How are Architecture and Photography combined?

I feel a fluent connection between both disciplines. Camera is an important tool for the architect, because it’s helpful to understand city’s morphology, and as a record of buildings and places of interest. That’s why I was constantly using it when I was student. From the formality, my I as architect contributed my I as photographer the ability of “training my eye” and composing through the lens of the camera.

Why did you accept the CBRE invitation to be part of the jury?

The subject of the competition enormously attracts me, because it’s related with subjects that I work in photography: the city, the capture of connectivity moments during urban life, day moments, urban activities, etc. This is one of the competitions that I would participate if I weren’t jury.  Actually, many people that don’t knew the competition send me the brochure to participate!

What does inspire the new slogan of the UPOTY 2016 contest?

This is the tenth year of the contest and I see the slogan more and more inspiring. What seems to me more significant is that even though it’s an “urban” contest, it doesn’t put aside other aspects in life and that allows presenting their photographic works that show a wide variety of subjects and styles.

What happens with urban Photography nowadays?

Argentina, especially Buenos Aires, had and has good photographers. Horacio Cóppola is within the classic professionals that attracts the most. He had the ability to capture almost the whole essence of the 20th century in this city. Aldo Sessaes, another great contemporary exponent, has a more-than-50-year career registering Argentinean life and its places.

There’s a litter of new photographers with incredible works about Buenos Aires that I expect they participate in the contest.



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