Las cartas de Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh kept a continuous correspondence with his brother Theo. The relation that joined both took them to work together in the art market. The unstable personality of the Hollander painter made Theo an essential support in times of crisis

The following are two letters Van Gogh wrote:

London, January 1874

I see that you’re interested in arts, and that’s a good thing, mate. I’m glad you to like Millet, Jacques, Schreyer, Lambinet, Frans Hals, etc; because as Mauve says, “it’s something”

Yes, the painting by Millet, the Angelus, “is something”, is magnificent, is poetry. It’s always a pleasure to talk about art with you, but we don’t have anything but writing frequently between us. Found beautiful what you can; most people don’t find anything enough beautiful.

I write here down some names of painters that I particularly like: Scheffer, Delaroche, Hébert, Hamon, Leys, Tissot, Lagey, Boughton, Millais, Thijs Maris, De Groux, De Braekeleer, Millet jr., Jules Breton, Feyen-Perrin, Eugène Feyen, Brion, Jundt, George Saal, Israels, Anker, Knaus, Vautier, Jourdan, Compte- Calix, Rochussen, Meissonnier, Madrazo, Ziem, Boudin, Gérome, Fromentn, Decamp, Bonington, Díaz, Th.Rosseau, Troyon, Dupré, Corot, Paul Huet, Jacque, Otto Weber, Daubigny, Bernier, Emile Breton, Chenu, César de Cock, Ms. Collart, Bodmer, Koekkoek, Schelhoyt, Weissenbruch, and last not least Maris and Mauve.

Amsterdam, April 3, 1878 (extract)

The one who lives sincerely and finds true sorrows and disillusionment; the one that doesn’t let himself took down for them; he is worthier than the one that is always fine and just know a related prosperity. Because in who is confirmed in the most viable way a superior value, they are the ones who the words are applied: “Workers, your life is sad; workers, you’re suffering in life; workers, you’re happy;” they are the ones that carry stigmas of “a whole life of fights and work held without defeat.” It’s necessary to do efforts to look like them.




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