Yordi Vieyte presenta su nueva muestra “Paisaje Financiero”

An aesthetic vision of the quotidian space is the basis of the new project of the artist Yordi Vieyte. The designer suggests the creation of a space “other”, which takes elements of the imaginary unconscious to pose again the day-to-day earthly world. Which one is the role of money in our life? Why is money an element of social and economic movement? These are the questions that Vieyte explores in Paisaje Financiero.


Vieyte bases his work in conceptual artists like Santiago Sierra, Sebastián Errázuriz, Hans Haacke, On Kawara, and Alfredo Jaar. He takes denunciations from these artists (artistic and theoretical) to adjust them to his aesthetic proposal. The designer invites to reflect about the changes that banking technology has had.  He also contributes an investigation that re interprets society moved from the point of view of the consumption.  

Camilo Yáñez | Visual Artist – Independent Curator

“This exhibition is product of a long-term investigation centered in understanding how the economic model (imposed in a dictatorship) has influenced the way in which people is in contact with money as a society.

ATMs are devices that allow us to access to money. This work visually analyses the way of interaction between them in different places and areas of our territory.

The exhibition proposes a critical view of the current context, revealing the perception and behavior we have in front of a financial scene more and more hostile and dehumanized.”



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