La libre expresión de Marcela Iglesias

One of the first memories that rise up in Marcela Iglesias’ mind goes back to when she was 9, when she got, in front of all of her classmates, a metal box full of coloring pencils. It was a recognitions for one of her many drawings, works that fulfilled of memories her childhood.

This precedent is one of the many that took her to dedicate her entire life to the art. Today, with a style that comes from spontaneity, the painter draws shapes and sensations that include human figures and typical nature creatures. “The theme arises spontaneously, mentally and emotionally. There are situations, thoughts that motivate to create, and it’s in this process that series are born, because while you advance in the process, at the end you see there is a series and, almost as a cyclical process, it’s very pretty”, explains the artist.

© Marcela Iglesias
© Marcela Iglesias

To Iglesias, structured narratives in composition are only conceived done to the eyes of the observer. The painter, to her, must leave only strokes, silhouettes and implied indicators that act as a symbolic guide to the observer, who, according his subjectivity, shall construct a cohesive story. About color, this “is emotion, is vibration, is sense, is what surrounds this creative magic, always with a feeling”, claims.


But the synergy of all this elements must find a fertile field to reproduce. The studio is this space where creativity and ideas mixed and form concrete works. It is there where, through discipline, the abstract motives that circulate the mind of the artist land: “discipline is something I got to work at more, because when one’s at the studio, quiet, is when many ideas emerge; there is when you go to your inner core, in the silence, and I am lucky enough to have my workplace in the countryside, so that helps a lot, being surrounded by nature. But sometimes also happens that in the craze of the city, ideas come to you, but I need to get away to carried them out”.

Honesty, regent virtue in this painter’s work, allows Iglesias to connect with her more profound wishes and impulses and express them in a concrete format. In this context, exploration is innate and requires no effort. The message is the protagonist: “I think it is necessary that the observer perceives the intention of your work in a coherent way and gets moved by it, that is what matters”, says.

An endless search; Marcela Iglesias’ art is constituted as an expression exercise, an unlimited and unrestricted expression, that wants to create a bridge between the artist and the observer in a whole that contains in itself the human subjective experience complexity: “I think it is always necessary to keep working, searching and fostering ideas. The ingredient I like the most in this process is give yourself Maximum Freedom”, concludes the painter.

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