Tres grandes robos de arte en el mundo

La Gioconda Mona Lisa

With an irrefutable artistic and iconic value, Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” was robbed from the Louvre in August 21, 1911. More than 2 years have to pass to have news related with the masterpiece. A man called Leonardo admitted to steal it. But he also admitted that he wanted to give it back, but in Italy, cradle of the Renaissance genie.

Finally, the real name of the responsible was found out: Vicenzo Peruggia, decorator and artist that worked at the Louvre. He was convicted to one year in prison.

The ScreamEl Grito

The painting that made Edvard Munch renowned all over the world. “The Scream” was armed robbed from the Munch museum in Oslo.

Two men threaten to the museum’s security guard with a gun and stole the painting of less than a minute.     An accomplice was waiting for them in a car to escape quickly. After two years of investigations, local police arrested the responsible.

Torso of Adele

An incident in 2005 that has not further consequences. This year, an Auguste Rodin exhibition took place in the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA). A 20-year-old student was the responsible of the robbery. He wanted to demonstrate the museum’s vulnerability through the theft of the sculpture. After two days, the man admitted his guilt, when he gave the sculpture back to the MNBA.





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