Celebremos el Día Nacional de las Artes Visuales

Talks, workshops and panel discussion are some of the activities in which you can participate during the National Visual Art Day, to be celebrated today Thursday, September 29th.

Different institutions linked to the art extend an invitation to the community to think about, explore and debate the link between art and the citizens.

Activities in the Metropolitan Region

Donation of Cult Audiovisual Documents Archives (DAC, Spanish acronym) to the Museum of Memory and Human Rights

The 80’s underground, the emblematic places of the night life during the dictatorship, the named “endless parties”, the young artists trying to express themselves against the repressive atmosphere happening in Chile; they’re part of the material that the multimedia project DAC, sponsored by Portaviones Creativos, donated to the Museum of Memory and Human Rights.

The video “Retrospective of Young Art” (1995) is a 10 hours record that contains unprecedented material about the contractual scene during the 80’s and 90’s decade. The donation was presented last night by artists linked to the audiovisual work during the time and the documents became part of the museum’s collections.

Guided visit around the Cerrillos National Center for Contemporary Art

Around 160 secondary school students will be able to know, this Thursday, the recently opened museum in the first visit guided by artists of the exhibition An image is worth a thousand words. The exhibition is made up of work of 60 Chilean visual artists of the last 50 years. Among the guides is the National Prize for Plastic Arts, Gonzalo Díaz, which will exhibit his work “Quadrivium / Ad usum Delphini”, as well as artists such as Carolina Ruff, Alicia Villarreal and Rodrigo Vergara.

Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo Cerrillos
Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo Cerrillos

Activities in Regions:

In Tarapacá there will be an urban art clinic aimed at secondary education students to know historical and technical aspects in the elaboration of urban works. In Coquimbo, a day of visual arts with the aim of sharing experiences and expectations of local artists in terms of spaces and links that can generate in the region. In the Maule region will be exhibited the project Civic Gallery developed by the manager Lolé Muñoz that incorporates several regional artists, who have spent some time exposing in the advertising pallets of the city bus stops.

In Concepción 4 activities will be carried out in order to link the community with the current issues and problems of visual artists and spaces in the community:

  • La Pólvora Hill: The activity seeks to rescue milestones and important moments of the history of the hill through the plastic creation. The Group of Painters and Sculptors of Chile (APECH, Spanish acronym) in Concepción, will create pictorial works with a theme related to the community of La Pólvora, which will be defined by the participants.
  • Tomé: Presentation of the visual book-project “Atlas”, which includes interventions by a group of visual artists that articulate their proposals of contemporary art around the theme of heritage in the commune of Tomé.
  • Singularity Sur: Interventions in the field of new media, with audiovisual projections in the field of reflection on city-virtual spaces-registration. Launching “Mental Maps” page and Audiovisual Concerts.
  • Tribunales Square: Biobío Recorders Association will carry out interventions installing mural engravings in different parts of the city. There will also be a demonstration of the craft of engraving, with press and street-print exercises.

In Chillán there will be a conversation table, with outstanding exponents, to discuss about contemporary art, focused on the theme of local development, engraving, mural painting, illustration and current problems. It will be mediated by Natasha Pons, Visual Artist and manager of CCE (Cultural Center of Spain).

Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (CNCA)
Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (CNCA)

In Los Lagos, among regional artists, a mural will be made in the neighborhoods. For its part, Aysén will celebrate the work of the recently deceased National Award for Visual Arts awarded, José Balmes, in order to reflect, disseminate and promote his work. In Magallanes Region there will be a discussion with María Soledad González (Bachelor in Plastic Arts, and Master in Design and Multimedia Communication) who will analyze the themes: image function, mural painting as a means of communication in public space, exhibition and interpretation of the mural Presence in Latin America, Urban Art (Graffiti) and examples of this one.

Besides, as part of the Visual Arts month and the Traslado program, in Coquimbo, Atacama, Valparaíso, O’Higgins, Maule, Biobío, Araucanía and Los Ríos Regions, there will be the workshop: “Approaches to the contemporary creation in visual arts”, which will address the processes of creation and conceptualization of the work of contemporary visual artists and is aim at visual artists, curators and agents in general.



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