Dayron Gallardo | Su arte, una poesía visual

Beauty? A simple word but with so many meanings which are so hard to explain. Plato, in his moment, reflected on relation to this subject; for the mannerists, the beauty is a relative and subjective concept. David, Hume suggests that “beauty is not a quality of things on themselves, inhabits on the minds of the one who contemplates them and each individual perceives beauty differently.” Rousseau sees it as a harmonic state and as a reflection of nature, and for Kant, the father of aesthetic, beauty shapes a taste and is the contained form.

Beauty? Is, at the same time, the title of the recent exhibition of the young artist Dayron Gallardo; a well-selected name, because in his ensemble we can see how the artist is interested in inquiring into the mysteries of this concept. Different formats which are presented in the space of the Gallery Carmelo Gonzalez, a variety that allows the interaction of the audience with each one of the fabrics. Gallardo knows exactly what he wants and how to express all his concerns through the paintings, an existentialist painting, romantic and, why not, self-referential.

“No sé pero hay algo que explicar no puedo”, acrílico sobre lienzo, 13 x 13 cm.

Something told me, when I observed the pieces, that the artist has an inclination for literature. Because of his titles, always intriguing, are so poetic that work as an obligatory complement for a better understanding of his compositions. This does not mean that if a piece does not have a title we will not be able to understand it, on the contrary, the immensity of the represented universe is capable of establishing a communication with the audience; although, it is important to observe thoroughly each detail.  Everything is placed in their corresponding places.

Facing his pieces, we go deep into an unusual state; I think, in a relaxing environment, of reflection, of alienation with all what surround us.  It is as if two worlds communicate with each other as if reality and fiction would mix together inside the mind of the one observing his canvas. The sight gets lost in an infinite cosmos that stops only on the key points created by Dayron to decode his enigmas.

His interior externalizes on each piece, they are unique representations with a personal signature or scenographical simulations of metaphysic inspiration; they are constructions where the subject is found alone with him or herself. Therefore, we can state that Dayron Gallardo creates, with this series that he presents for the audience judgment, new significants in aesthetic and formal terms.

The exhibition irradiates or makes a direct reference to Giorgio de Chirico’s paintings; and because of this, is that I remember his words when he said that “for a work of art to be immortal, it most leave the boundaries of the human being and approximate to the world of dreams.” Gallardo dreams and let just say that he dreams big. Each piece reflects the current moment we are living; they are purifying acts of our most close reality.

From his previous series such as Yo no soy un animal, his duty has evolved, from here I remember “Dedicarse a morir” (Dedicate yourself to die) something that only poets wish for, “Importaría todo si tú me amaras” (Everything would matter if you loved me) a sadness that only he has experienced, and “Ya estoy candado de ser el mismo” (I am tired of being the same) an element of disagreement with what is happening or with what he observes every day. All of this is a combination of metaphors that draw up his path and steps through the universe of the Cuban painting; Dayron Gallardo is our visual poet.

“Cansado de ser el mismo” (Tired of being the same) goes deep into a journey that looks for the ultimate truth about beauty, it questions it, plays with it, testifies his explorations and researches. Each piece is a reflection of his experiences, he never doubts on the moment of telling his stories. He is a reader, a good one that reads and builds images in his mind to later translate them into the canvas.

Dayron Gallardo is a pure existentialist. When you talk with him, he is essence and presence; two concepts extremely linked to his recent creation. Right now, he must be imagining another universe in which we can submerge to be able to reveal his most intimate memories. Poetic paintings, as I dear to define his creation, that talk about the mysteries of the beauty, that go deep into its concepts, that make questions and answers, in conclusion, as one of his pieces recites: “ I do not know, but there is something that I cannot explain.”



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