El Guggenheim de Nueva York estrena baño de oro en el cuarto piso

Maurizio Cattelan has sophisticated the toilet on the fourth floor of New York’s Guggenheim. The argumentative clarity of a long period of time around the materialism has created a work of art that brags of being suggestive. Of course, he has installed a gold WC of 18 carats for the people to use it freely within the framework of his exhibition “America”.

There is an inch on malleability, maybe a hope for provoking the controversial idea of opposing the wealth of a refining but retrograded way of defining a lifestyle and valuing the society. This is how the artist has defined it and there it will stay for the minds of thousands of people who would like to question it.

It is part of the exhibition “America” and it definitively alludes to this way of living imposed by the Yankee country. The Italian artist uses the initial concept of the contemporary art to introduce the basis if the subjective parameters, under the ones, America established the progress of the contemporary society. It is a retrospective exhibition and it will be available for a period of time, so the people can interact with the art and can draw their own conclusions.



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