Las tres dimensiones de Pilar Landerretche

For over 20 years, Pilar Landerretche has been dedicated to the creation of sculptures. Currently, the artist divides her time between teaching and the workshop. “It all started as a need, as a way of expression. I always loved volume. I felt I was betraying myself by not dedicating a 100% to what I have always loved, and there started my career”, she remembers.

© Pilar Landerretche
© Pilar Landerretche

The stoneware, a material that allows creating in great volumes but that breaks easily, was the first material with which Landerretche worked the sculpture. From there, started to emerge deform figures, large, with small heads and big extremities. The figurative style here presented plays with topics related to nature, trees, goblins, and other creatures represented on the work: “I started noticing that the mood played an important role in the creation process”, explains the artist.

The stoneware’s pieces broke so easily that the artist had to make a research on relation to the possibilities of working with bronze. What she gain on strength she lost it on time: a piece could take even 45 days in to be completed. Even though the long period required on each sculpture to be finished, Landerretche was already thinking in other creations: “My greatest resource is the contemplation, to look the trees, the lands if there is an image I have to stick to a paper or field. I like to use a drawing pad, I always have one on hand; I cut images I like. This is how I start to search inside me and see what is going to happen in the language of the sculpture.”

When the drawing and the sculpture meet

When Pilar Landerretche put together an exhibition of horses, she asked for the creation of an exhibition catalogue. The editorial which she asked for the job were surprised by the drawings that the artist created as the preliminary study of each piece; from there, they encourage her to include the drawings of the printout. The good acceptance was repeated by the public that attended the exhibition, who were also amazed by the quality of the illustrations. This was how she started to explore the possibilities of the bi-dimensional support: “it is extremely honest to complete the bi-dimensional work that comes from the sketch with the final result that is the sculpture”, she explains.

For the sculptor, the discipline and the inspiration go hand by hand; is through the constant work how you find the ideas. What starts from the imagination on a drawing can end in something completely different once taken to volume. “I start positioning the pieces according to the format, the material nature that I want to accomplish and the style of the piece. It is important the texture I want to give, the brilliance I want to evoke”, assures the artist.

One of the greatest dreams of this artist is to make an incursion on the public scenarios, to give to the city sculptures in big format. “I am looking forward creating real-scale trees, to be able to plant these trees of sculpture in every city” she concludes.

To know more about Pilar’s work you can visit her next exhibition and also by clicking here!





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