ART MEDELLÍN abre sus puertas

Since September 16 until September 19 ART MEDELLÍN will be celebrated in Medellín, Colombia. The meeting that selected the most stands out Latin American artists after an open contest, it will be at the Plaza Mayor Medellín Conventions and Exhibitions, a adequate place specially to that moment. That will be the first edition of the contest; with the acquire experience has put focus on a modern design of characteristic and international standards.

Medellín is not only known for its natural beauties, but also to be one of the financial focuses of Colombia. The cultural and social wealth of this country made of it the selected point by the organizers in order to carry out ART MEDELLIN.

Different activities will be organized during the meeting, from a big program of collector and public relations directed towards the business sector to the show of more than 40 exhibitors of diverse parts of the world that promise to surprise and captivate to the visitor of the fair.

Arte Al Límite also will be part of ART MEDELLIN, especially with works of Jon Jacobsen and also with the presence of artist as Patricia Artorga and Pauline Cristi who will be with AC Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires,  Ismael Frigerio and Felipe Lavín of Santa Rosa factory; and Antuán Rodriguez, all of them with their works and interacting with visitors and artists.

The fair not only have the participation of noted artists; cultural institutions, art galleries, curatorial projects, specialized publications and other invited people will be in charge to give it life and diversity during four days of the event.

ART MEDELLIN each year is established as a focal point of contemporary art in South America. Its mission and objective not only allow to create bridges between the artistic and business world, but also to make public to the world the quality and wealth of the Latin American art.




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