Carmen Sáenz | Entre el arte y la naturaleza

Forests, especially trees, make of childhood something magic. The interpretation is free in each spectator, depending of the experience they will make own. The works of Carmen Sáenz remind us this moments and they be able to show us the reality as something permanent, as a remember that is lived in childhood and every moment of life.

bShe grew up looking her mother painting in her full of lights and colors studio, what without doubts aroused interest for study the discipline. The consciousness of what surrounded her and little details of nature have accompanied her in the training as artist.

Her first teacher was Venegas Cifuentes, then she started to study Art at the Universidad Católica University and that classes were essentials for her development as artist.

More than a need, art is consciousness way to interprets what I see and what surround me; it is a way to appropriate me of images, transform them and give it color and texture

Her works, full of color, nature, trees and silences that fill the spaces with different tonalities, are based on the surroundings of Carmen Sáenz. “Take my attention the trees and its trunks as central elements that means strength and life. They are protagonists in my paintings, they move around different scenes, highlighting vertical spaces and all through the acrylic”, she said.


To achieve each work, the observation is basic. Due to she selects what she sees, either from clippings, photos or drawings she has made, she reconsiders it, intervene and finally she apply it over the canvas, being each work a unique process.

The constant work about trees has lead to have multiple expositions. In September of the last year, she exhibited at the Civic Center of Vitacura, located in the Bicentenario Park; also she was selected for XXXIII National Painting Contest at Viña del Mar Enjoy casino, where he exposed between January and February of 2016.



Currently, Carmen Sáenz Works in a familiar Project, where three generation of painter are preparing a collective exposition for 2017, in a place that will be confirmed soon.



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