GAM prepara el V Seminario Internacional de Políticas Culturales

This 7 of September, the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM) cultural center, will be the place where the fifth International Seminary of Cultural Politics carry out. With a question: How these cultural rights become, specify and guarantee in Chile? This seminary has as objective to be the center of reflection around the cultural policies in Chile. Professionals, artists and politicians will be in charge of carry out a talk about the related topics to the cultural affairs.

The event will have diverse panels of experts that will discuss about the issue:

Main panel: How we guarantee the cultural rights in the new constitution and laws? Room A1 9:30.

Master lecture: Cultural Rights. Today, room A1 12:00

Panel I/ Right to take part in cultural life. How it concludes? Room C1 15:00

Panel II/ Culture and education. How the cultural right as part of the reform is guaranteed? Room C1 17:15

Panel III/ Right to cultural identity. How it concludes? Room C2 15:00

Panel IV/ Right of access to culture. How new technologies and platforms are elaborated? Room C2 17:15

Seminary in regions / 8 September in Valparaíso: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso university Eduardo, Nivón, Mexico. Maule: Universidad de Talca, Lionel Artaud, France

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