The dreamed trip of Hugo Pratt

Hugo Pratt (1927 to 1955) is an Italian artist who reached the world fame of being the creator of a series of Corto Maltese stories. Through refined aquarelles and oneiric drawings, with masterfully, Pratt mixed autobiography and fiction. His themes usually are associated with trips and the adventure in high seas.


The talent which Pratt narrated his stories make that Corto Maltese marks one of the highest point in the European comic. With a great skill, this author who traveled all over the world, including South America, mixed themes of fine arts with common stories.

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The romantic way of Corto Maltese experiments life and recreates landscapes as Buenos Aires, Rapa Nui, France and Venice neighborhoods, which make an imaginary universe full of cultural and historical references. The diverse themes permit that this work be enjoyed by children and adults.