William Acosta | La pintura como obsesión

William Acosta’s work creates unique visual feelings. To be in contact with his canvas is like go into a very personal and private universe, which takes part in the daily of the creator. The painting, a manifestation that prevail in the work, in my opinion is obsession; each detail has color as protagonist, is applied with strength and formal surpass the limits of the conceptual, although the last should not be left out, because each canvas are calls to the reflection and analysis of our contemporary society.

Let´s pretend #3. 2016. Oil on canvas. 24x 30 inches.

His portraits are an oasis of high technical level and a peculiar virtuosity of the hyperrealism, artistic trend that Willian Acosta follows very closely. Comes to mind names as Jason Degraaf, Edward Hopper, Chuck Close, Richard Estes, Claudio Bravo, among other. Our artist uses his camera and captures everything he has around him and, then dominates in his mind the images to build manipulated scenes, which later will be reflected on the canvas. With a clean and careful finish, reproduces in a meticulous and accurately way everything about the form, light, color. So we can discuss about thematic diversity where prioritize the presence of human beings in all its glory.

To do an analysis of his production is to enter in a universe in which the perfection of his drawing, an element to take into account, gives to each work a special power. He like an eagle gliding the air is an excellent observer of the individual is an artist that appreciates a reality and a turbulent contemporary life that favors saturation of advertising images where consumption takes precedence.

It is important to stop in series like MacroSimulacrosOtaku Momento in order to better understand what are the plastic intentions of William Acosta in the panorama of the visual arts in Cuba. On the latter, the artist “represents outdoors scenes and so far where there are no strident concerns of urban life; also glorifies leisure and tranquility in life, painted individuals surrounded by objects and beautiful scenery, a seemingly world free of stress and work”.

Caronte. 2010.Oil on canvas. 20x28 inches.

These are some of the elements that characterize his production, the observer appreciates and get closer to an imaginary universe far from the torment, prejudice, horror and anguish; all seems beauty and calm, however, behind each canvas, William Acosta construct and permit us to see a complex world away from our most immediate context. Also, in an intelligent way, the artist led us to see a virtual world where everybody wants to be. It is a critic and analytic wake-up call of a generation, maybe, pretend to be obedient, conformist and/or vacuum.

A group of creators, where William has his own voice, who are interested in the result of his works with the aim of moving to a forefront the artistic value of the art work. Other interesting aspect is to see how in his visual repertoire appear true stories, or so I think, counted without obligation; he narrates with a subtlety that places the observer in a constant dialogue with each performance

A series that catches the attention is Simulacros, in which a male figure appears doing several actions; William -self portrayed- adopts the pose of an excellent draftsman of the anatomical body, conducts a study of the human figure that enables him to develop a canon of beauty and facilitates work different poses of the character, and the vision of parts comes from the vision of fashion magazines, commercials, comic and TV ads.

The edge 2. 2012. Oil on canvas. 32x 48 inches.

William Acosta knows how portray the daily nature, the glamour of the current life and the aesthetic of the consumption and popular culture. The image for him is what hands are for the sculptor. His work treats the appearance, “nice” topics where the individual and the landscape in the background give us the feeling of serenity, balance and carelessness, but above all, are canvas that invite us to internalize in a different culture in which all of us want to achieve.



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