Zoe Ligon: la sexualidad vista desde el arte

Zoe Ligon divides her time between sexual education, the administration of a sex shop located in Brooklyn and visual arts. Her works are related directly with the body and erotic. In terms of technique, her work presents a series of image taken of the pornography and to mend under the aesthetic of the collage.

With the title “Woman with the Good Meat Removed” in Spanish “Mujeres con la Buena Carne Removida”, Ligon organized her first lonely exposition in the Super Chief Gallery in United States. Such as cows are portrayed in supermarkets, with each part of their body divided in regions that show the piece of meat that could be bought, anonymous women, taken out of porn films, reshaped from the visual. This is how the artist, in a language that remembers the post porn, questions the sexual notions, power and gender.

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Seductive poses representing sex overlap in backgrounds populated by common objects, such as it can be a cuddly toy or a toilet. For Ligon, this game blends the female body with the daily nature and presents the subject as an empty vessel. Her speech of women and their meanings from the erotic has derived the artist to form part of publications like VICE and TIME.

According to the writer, the works that she makes, attempt to bring the audience to a non-traditional view of sex. The way in which the collage censors the composition allows observers to approach without prejudice that the Orthodox pornography suppose. A public interpellation looking uncomfortable and generate questions; the demystification of sex and which leads to work that issue from different perspectives, all objectives behind creations aimed provocation and reflection.



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