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“I been painting since I was 16”, explains Ximena Cousiño. That is how this Chilean artist goes back to the time when she was born in Ciudad de Mexico, one of the many places where she has remained and discovered. After finishing her studies with an Art degree with a mention on Paint in the Catolica University of Chile, she made an incursion in the development of her own language and rhythm through painting. At the beginning, with great influence of the German Neo-expressionists, a piece where the color united with the coal drawings.


the evolution of her work, however, took her away from the chromatic palette, focusing her work in the charcoal and highlighting the figurative elements as communication channels that are necessary to transmit the messages of her works.

The charcoal is her essential instrument, which allows her to take away all the color and painting to purely focus in the process of polishing the drawing, creating lines that express the atmospheric. “It resulted into series, first self-portrait for the Gasco Hall then the portraits of children for the MAC, the studies of light and interior atmospheres filled with stories and solitudes for the ANIMAL Gallery and the MAC in Valdivia. Finally, the industrial spaces for the China exhibition and the work for the Santa Rosa Art Factory” explains Ximena in relation of that period of her work.

With pieces of delicate lines and blurred shapes, the artist reveals that her grays are tonalities that she uses to get closer to the world of lights. “The light makes it clear not until it is contrasted with its opposite. The use of grays is an exercise of austerity of elements” she explains.

The human shape that does and does not appear in her pieces becomes part of the landscape or from the inside of a space that turns present. To Ximena, the human shapes are an inherent part to her works because the human being is the one that loads spaces with the most significant shape; they are the ones that tell the stories that have their center in humanity. “They are presences and absences. The give the right scale to some places and in other a more fugitive look”, appoints the artist.

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Nowadays, she is experimenting once more to integrate colors through the painting, but in a smooth way, making an incursion in the misty atmospheres.

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