La representación del deseo en el arte

The desire drives the society. This emotion transversally found in the human being regardless of his/her age or condition, it is structured as a urge that guides acts in the quest for reaching what was wanted. Although it is usually associated to the Eros and to the carnal, the desire goes beyond that: a journey, a plate made of the most appealing gastronomy, the landscape found in the nature, or just a material object are some of the anchors from which the desire is chained.

The art is not away free from discussion. Different contemporary artists have addressed the subject from different perspectives.

The celebration of the appetite is part of Claire Becker’s work. This artist creates sculptures that awake the desire to eat. Candies, with their textures, shapes, and flavors are one of the most delightful foodstuffs in the world. It is through the representation of this desire how Becker awakes feelings of hunger in the observer.

Life is Like – US$ 6,188

The desire from the stimulation is what Carmen Gloria Machuca captures in her pieces. The Chilean artist recreates the exciting effects of color in abstract scenarios. The feeling of movement helps to appreciate the observer’s imagination that immerses in the conceptual plan of Machuca.

Jaigon – US$ 1,841

Camila Caffati takes the observer into a zone where lust emerges by contemplating her provocative oil paintings. Her style that plays with the realism and the expressionism chocks for its detailed eroticism.

Baño de sol – US$ 1,671

A piece that highlights the popular celebrations is what Leonardo Sepulveda captures in his pieces. The representation of celebrations and proverbs, the joy of the carnival, and the debauchery are the portrayed subjects; scenarios that give free rein to the carnival and dionysian desire that hides in every person.

En pelota, arriba de la pelota – US$ 2,011

The anatomy and docility of the human movement is what forms Trinidad Bezanilla’s art. This Chilean artist explores the depth of dance as an artistic and esthetic discipline. The versatility and docility of the bodies in the center of the dance are portrayed in paintings that mix different techniques and supports.

Escena 3 – US$ 150

This is how desire can be observed in its all magnitude. In Arte Al Limite we want you to become part of the motto #DesireAAL, access to our online gallery and to our social media. There you can find different contests and articles relate  to this great feeling.



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