El arte de mirar en el MAMBO

As part of the century of the collection of the Modern Art Museum of Bogotá (MAMBO), it is realize the exhibition Todo somos voyeristas, video-installations that interpret the interested observation of the individual.

The observation is an inherent and addictive action, an activity that, in this case, goes to a morbid look. The voyeurism appears giving it a meaning that not only is associated to the sexual pleasure, it’s that just is manifested as a observation of actions not purely normal, but also speak about disaster, consume, body, power and malicious intentions.

The observation known as a constructive activity, as well as establishes that aphorism of the medicine said by the Canadian teacher and doctor, William Oster, “there is no more difficult art to acquire than the art of observation”, and inside of art this term becomes into the most remarkable action as much as in the observer and the artist. As well as refers to the exhibition Todos somos voyeristas that is realized in the MAMBO, the Colombian curator of the María Elvira Ardila’s work says in the curatorial text: “… The work is a door with a hole that carries the public to spy on, deduce and suppose what there is behind this gate.”

Premise that make developing this exhibition from videos and installations of artists who take part of a collection of the museum, a first sample that is developed in the new permanent space of the MAMBO with the finality that the public know the invaluable patrimony that it has.

Miasma, Gustavo Villa

Videos start with an entrance to the observer of the world. The work Miasma, of the artist Gustavo Villa, realized in 2006 reveals what is behind of a wall that was made by de inhabitants of the street, with the finality to extract the dust of the wall in order to consume or mix it with hallucinogenic substances. Through this hole is manage to see certain eyes leaning for curiosity or to the contrary to capture the action whose dig this hole bent for the consume. “I want to observe carefully the place of the impulse and desire of consume and of the manifested Thanatos. The eyes that seems and observes and the eyes of the impulse of whom can not to stop”, explain Villa.

Passing through a second moment, we met with a video instead of a documental it was more emotional. Para Pablo, as is titled the video of the Colombian artist, Muriel Angulo, also realized in 2006, shows two special documents: Right, a torrential rain that occur in Barranquilla city, where rivers had overflowed arriving to the streets and destroying everything in its path. To the left, a video with a baby sleeping with a sing to sleep in the tenth floor in a building in the same city, act that occurs randomly with the rain. “I searched my camera and in the middle of the surprise I disposed me to record that I was watching”

At the center of the exhibition, a performance realized the same year I the Modern Art Museum, titled Marca y Ego. In it is observed the body in its political representation and as aesthetic representation: two groups of men met in the middle of the museum doing exercise, looks between artists become in actions that according to the artist is related with the power. “The fragmentation of the individual between body and mind is in the way which it looks. At the gym there is a reference about the look and power”, said David Lozanoquien.

Marca y Ego, David Lozano

Inside reiterative voyeurism that is related intrinsically with the sexual pleasure, appears the installation video of the artist José Alejandro Restrepo, called Atrio Nave Central, realized in 1996. The work consists in little flowerpot that simulate gardens in the Bogotá, in that epoch it was very characteristic of the residences, designed for sexual encounter. And between plants are showed couples that appear and disappear.

Atrio y Nave Central, José Alejandro Restrepo

When access to the other room, two videos light up the dark: a horizontal monitor project details of the woman body, while she is taking a shower in the river, and in front of the screen, it seems the look of a deer that appears as if he had looking to the woman.

Videos make that the concept of voyeurism carry out to an intense observation, show in this exhibition as acts and moments that are present in the artist, who take part of the sample. It is go beyond of the look and put attention in details, “devour images” and to accept that is a point start to create new stories, make analogies and play with what exists in our reality, because that is only determined by the art of looking.



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