“El presente (no existe)”: documental de Klaudia Kemper se expuso en el FIDBA

The visual artist Klaudia Kemper, exhibited her documentary called El presente (no existe), at the International Festival of Documentary film of Buenos Aires (FIDBA). With an autobiographical and temporary perspective, the Chilean-Brazilian artist is introduced to the illusion that supposes the fleeting of the present.

The identity concept is exhibited from the dichotomy of the dual nationality and the expression looked from two languages: Portuguese and Spanish.

foto-BIO2Through a conceptual and exploratory language, Kemper make use of diverse visual and cinematographic techniques in order to show her privacy to the observer. As if it was a meditation act, recording act of reproduce a lived moment puts to the observer in a reflection and introspection state.

It is not only to show the inner subjectivity of the artist, as well as is appreciated the immediate world that surrounds her daily nature; from home to the relationship with her sons are some of the parts that give shape to El Presente (no existe).



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