“Habitar el vacío”, muestra que reúne a Raúl Zurita, Alfredo Jaar, Fernando Prats e Iván Navarro

Until 16 September, in the Joan Prats’s gallery of Barcelona will be carried out the Habitar el vacío” exhibition, artwork which brings together Raúl Zurita, Alfredo Jaar, Fernando Prats e Iván Navarro, four noted creators of the Chilean artistic scene.

Through diverse medias, such as literature, facilities and other devices, Chileans explore human tragedies that cause pain in the world from an artistic perspective. The name of the exhibition emerges as a need to deal with this conflict, generally ignored by the society, from the sensitivity.

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Raúl Zurita, National Prize for Literature in 2000 is one of the most important Chilean alive poets of the country. His poetic covers the literary production, intervention and performance with which talked about highly sensitive subjects in the 80’s. Actually, he works as teacher in Diego Portales University and Harvard University.

Alfredo Jaar, National Prize of Art in 2003 is a multidisciplinary artist settled in New York since 1982. His corpus includes cinema, architecture and facilities. The way that he deals with the social problems has earned him an international fame. He has presented Chile in the Venice Biennale, events that he has participated in numerous occasions.

Fernando Prats is other artist owner of a visual language that explores diverse subjects, such as photography, writing and graphic design. His extensive writing took him Barcelona in 1990. He has participated in important Biennale of the world, such as Venice Biennale and the Canary Island Biennale.

Iván Navarro, artist who lives in New York has represented Chile in the Venice Biennale. His work with lights and facilities has permitted him exhibit in diverse exhibitions of the world. The Navarro’s work has as one of these objectives to do reflects to the observer.



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