Kristián Mensa: Del objeto al boceto

The illustration moves forward through adjoining rails with art. With no intentions of getting close to catch it, as the tradition, the classic and the specific canons do not resemble it since its origins, the discipline is able to capture looks from its sidewalk with amazing creative minds that work based on the elements it has to create real artistic works.

Not in the original sense, as there is no intention to resemble, the illustration gets closer to a manifestation that expands in its technical formats and its outward appearance and acquires a consolidation and projection that keeps expectant the amateur of the artistic expression.

This line follows the work of Kristián Mensa. It is simply unexpected, creative, and extremely original. The right amalgam between drawing and objects of the triviality achieve an image that defeats and challenges the human eye to discover a duality that forms an idea in the conceptual and it provides different and absolutely opposite materials to achieve it.

The artist is capable of see in the elements of the daily life a different image, the extension of a creative imagination from where borns a recognizable different concept from the absurd that demands the imagination to exacerbate the duty of the senses to face the piece.

Three-dimensionality is clearly a demand in this aspect. The drawing on paper complements with the elements that overlaps it finishing the searched image and making the relief and the perspective to yield an additional magic to the finished work.



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