La respuesta artística de Alfredo Jaar

The art of Alfredo Jaar, a difficult artist to catalog due to his versatility in technique and speech, he has development on humanitarian concerns with main importance in the last time. The immigration crisis, racism and social segregation are some of the topics, which this Chilean creator has faced with his work.

The scenario is awesome: galleries, facilities, streets and open spaces are the places where pieces created by Jaar are exhibited.

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His art emerges as a response to facts that impacted the artist:

“I do not know if it’s because my training, but I have been unable to create a single work of art that is not in response to a fact. I do not know how to do it. I’m not an artist of workshop; I am an artist project ” Alfredo Jaar

Among his most famous series it is That is not America a staging in 1987 in Times Square, New York. Through neon signs Jaar quipped with the meaning of the word “America” used by Americans.

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