MAC amplía su convocatoria “Sonido específico”, destinada a artistas que exploran la temática de la sonoridad en el espacio

An invitation to think about how sound uses the space is the basis of the open tender made by the MAC for the artists of the area. The idea is to explore the resonant dimension of the contemporary art from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Sonido específico is the name of the event presented in the curatorship Cruces Sonoros: Mundos Posibles (Crossed Sounds: Possible Worlds), that will take place in the central Hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Forestal Park during the date that will be established between the months of October and December of the present year. The call is directed to creators and artists that deal with the areas of sound with disciplines as performance, composition, and acoustic. Musicians, acoustic and sound engineers, visual and sound artists, self-educated artists, or professionals resident in Chile will be able to apply to participate in the event. The project will be in charge of the Anilla Cultural MAC(cultural area of the museum) and the composer Renzo Filinich.

The participants:

The deadline for the reception of the projects is on Monday 25th, July at 23:59 hrs. Audiovisual media will not be allowed. The conditions and content of the document that each applicant will have to attach can be found in the official site of the MAC.

The project selection will be carried out by committee of assessors commissioned by the coordinator for the Anilla Cultural MAC. Some of them are:

-José Abásolo, arquitecter, Magister in Escola Tècnica Superior d‘Arquitectura of Barcelona, director of ariztiaLAB.
-Carla Badani, acústic ingenieer, PhD in lingüístics and académic on the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile.
-Gonzalo Biffarella, composor, academic of the National University of Cordoba, coordinator of Anilla Cultural in the Cultural Center Spain-Cordoba.
-Renzo Filinich, composor, coordinator of the Chilean Electroacoustic Community.
-Rainer Krause, visual artist, academic of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile, coordinator of the certification course of Sound Art.

The winners will be contacted directly through email, prevoius the public announsment in the offical sites and



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