Gian Lorenzo Bernini, el genio escultor del barroco

The art of the theatrical decoration was develop in its motto expression by the Italian Sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598 – 1680) who lived in the same generation as Velazquez, Rembrandt, and Van Dyck. His portraits praised him as one of the artists that represented the most in itself the brilliance of the baroque. 

The sculptures he created reflect a detail that gives life to the pieces. This effect was accomplished due to the exceptional ability to portray moments of great tension through face expressions.

One of his influences were the artists of the ancient Greece, from there he took many of his motives. In most of them he portrays the moment of extreme intensity in the progress of the story. For example, in David, a work in which the hero prepares to perform the final punch to his enemy Goliat.

Bernini - David
Bernini – David

He was a master at the time to express the men’s character, style that allowed him to give real human features to the religious transcendence in his compositions. The celestial ecstasy, the sense of the pain and the pleasure were topics expressed with mastery by this artist. The shapes and postures of the sculpted bodies are characterized for posses an emotive theatricality, which is accompanied by a fluency of movement due to the work performed by the artist on the outfits of his models. Bernini was able to successfully transmit the intensity if each one of his works. He was able to capture the emotive nature like no other artist had ever done it in his time.

He used the space to attract the observer, who gets impressed by the realism of the sculptures. These seem to come to life at the moment to be observed. To emphasize the narrative, the artist give emphasis to the point of view with the one the work is observed, which is revealed in all its greatness and commotion by the oblivious eye.



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