Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho abre la convocatoria a fotógrafos y artistas de artes visuales

The call made by Estación Mapocho Cultural Center Began, it is especially for projects related to visual arts and photography. The applicant works can be curatorial (Two to four artists) or collectives and winner works will be exhibited in 2017. There will be two spaces dedicated to the public.

Lily Garafulic’s art gallery, where will be exhibited only author photographs works. The space will be sponsor by the National Council of Culture and the Arts (Chile) besides the Photography Area. Other place where will be showed the selected projects of contemporary visual arts and multimedia area will be Bicentenario Gallery.

To apply for, attach a portfolio of the artist’s works. As minimum, 15 JPG picture is required with standard quality. People who send videos, it must be delivered on DVD. Between portfolios information should there be a biography of person who apply with their studies, exhibitions, scholarship and all professional information as possible. Email and telephone number must be added. Present a proposal of the side of the project.

A freelance photograph, María Gracia Valdés Director of Culture of Estación Mapocho Cultural Center, a representative of Faculty of Arts of Universidad de Chile, a representative of Balmaceda Arte Joven and a representative of the National Council of Culture and the Arts, will compose judge who will evaluate the participating works of the exhibition.

People who are interested must send their projects to postulacionexposiciones2017@gmail.com, as deadline on 1st August at 12:00. Results will be submitted to the webpage of the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center on August 29.



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