La fantástica fotografía de Pascal Krumm

The creation of a independent visual language in what has allowed Pascal Krumm to have over 60.000 followers on Instagram. His visual work takes elements from the reality and fills them with colors, in a composition that takes elements from the minimalism and the pop art. The color is the main actor of the scenes created by the visual artist, who moves between fiction and reality to create a ludic narrative that challenges the expectations of the audience.

The subjects and landscapes used by Krumm are many times extracted from different sources to later gather in one piece. In this way, an inside wall from a house located in Santiago can have a window from a Canadian cabin and a door from a mansion in London.

The geometery is other of the properties that characterize the pieces of the chilean artist, who has developed his own style trough years of experience in the audiovisual scenario and that nowadays explores his creative potential as a photographer of the real and the fantastic.

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