Onay Rosquet | La obra como un efecto visual


He puts objects side by side. He groups them to form small or big combinations that keep relation between them but sometimes they are located in order to create a determined scenario. Each box, is resolved by an excellent and delicate drawing, it is carrier of memories of a past that never want to forget, of a proper identity that share with someone who observes it and of an imaginary individual that becomes collective.

Each observer get amazed with it is appreciated at first sight, their eyes have to detain twice or three times to capture each details that are located inside of painting. The located objects are part of the reality of the artist, a reality that represents us to reflect about the passage of time and the evolution of the contemporary society. There is nothing extra; everything is in the corresponding place. Onay Rosquet, a self taught creator, he knows that each object is carrier of diverse senses.

Despite he is very young, his job is prolific He has gone through works with Beaux Arts influence until an hyperrealism with an own voice. This last tendency is a characteristic from his beginning; his oil paintings bring back memories of Tomás Sánchez’s pieces due to his technical excellence and his big attention to details, and it has contact point to the actual production and large format accumulations of Jairo Alfonso. The pictorial space (horror vacui) invaded by daily life objects that all of us could identify and implicate it everyday.


According to the art critic Virginia Alberdi, in her text called Pintar las cosas, “the artist has drawn with great attention each pieces that at the moment to intertwine it in the combination, it left to be a fragment to integrate a kind of a recognizable poetic suite. More than a reading of the past, Onay ventures to hatch the coordinates of a present that can not be separated from a belonging sense.”

We are in his property with the Neceser work, it was exhibited for first time in XII Bienal de La Habana in the exhibition of No le temas a los colores estridentes, where he recreated an universe that speaks about women and their circumstances. The chromatic is the main element inside the painting, the red (smell that is associated with female figure) it predominates in order to accentuate the speech that our creator wants to transmit.


Also, we must not fail to mention his drawings that sometimes to Onay it can be used as sketches for his future fabrics and what it works in order to the viewer notice the high formal aestheatic quality, conceptual and technical possessed by the artist. It is interesting to mention the work El pozo, an ink drawing on cardboard where appears the continuous representation of clocks of different models; an apology to time, to the past, to forget and to the memory that are lost in a great existential emptiness. This piece has its homonymous, El inconsciente, in the canvas, in a circular format, which gives movement, rhythm to the composition and accentuates the evolution of time.

Onay Rosquet is an artist who always achieves to create visual and sensory effects in each of his works. Today, he is preparing for his next personal exhibition at Gallery Galiano titled Como el que no quiere las cosas. Six paintings and an installation (manifestation that he explores for the first time) making up the exhibition and demonstrating how our creator has improved himself, and has evolved into a context where almost anything surprises. His works always attract attention of people. His originality and simplicity accompanied by a strong methodology convert Onay into an author to visit in the panorama of contemporary Cuban art.



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