Colectivo chileno prepara proyecto para combatir la discriminación racial

In the international day of elimination racial discrimination, the Colectivo Trama presents its project “chita pale” that expect put in the center of learning, experiences and knows of Afro-Haitians and the history of Haiti, the art and pedagogy.

Around 25 percent of students of Liceo Polivante Eugenio Pereira Salas in the commune de Pedro Aguirre Cerda are Haitians. “Chile Pale” is a proposal of curricular innovation that pretends from art, to reveal its experiences. This initiative was selected by Consejo de la Cultura in the Fondo de las Artes de Educacion- FAE2016

The expression “chita pale” in Haitian Creole, the language most spoken by Haitians which means “sitting to talk”, Colectivo Trama invites from this expression to the development of artistic methodology in the room for tackles interculturality with a interculturality mediation room. This will happens between April and September in Liceo Polivante Eugenio Pereira Salas -LPEPS-, located at Pedro Aguirre Cerda- PAC- commune, in Santiago de Chile, with the support of Fondo de las Artes en Educacion –FAE-2016.

What is expecting is to create a community of leaning that allows to reflect and encourage the educational contents from art, whit Afro-Haitians cultural elements and with it answer to the necessity of school to open a intercultural conversation, recognize us as people on movement and from this conception to understand that migrate is a human right.

The main actors will be teacher and students of first grade that will be working with people who help with conversation such as artists of cinema, theater and visual arts that will contribute their experiences in methodologies.



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