Gabriela Pérez Iturra | “Es mejor abordar las ideas de forma múltiple”

At the age of 23 years she has achieved established on the Chilean art’s world. Her proposal is original and she is passionate about his work as artistic and commercial. In 2011 she studied Visual Arts in Uniacc University, motivates for an interest in digital photography. In her first year she started to investigate different technologies such as Open Source, Ardunio and Processing for the production of different interfaces. In 2012 she was invited to be part of the team of a collaborative workshop Santiago Maker Space, where are executed different researches in the fields of neuroscience, art and technology, also are executed positioning system GPS and the construction of various devices with technologies Open Source. In 2014 she obtained the first position on the student’s category in the competition Matilde Pérez Arte & Tecnologías Digitales en la Fundación Telefónica with the work Caminar es un objeto. In 2015 she exhibits her work in the la Anual de Artes Visuales de la Sala Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes Plaza Vespucio (Santiago) y Plaza Trébol (Concepción) and realizes his first individual exhibition in the Museum Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna called Caminar es un objeto. Actually she is director of the Taller y Maquinaria de Stgo. Maker Space.

What was that motivates to study art?

I was born on Antofagasta city, my father worked in mining and for this reason certain amount of year we move to another city. We never had an only place of residence, however, Iquique was the last city before move to Santiago with the purpose to study art. When I was in Iquique I liked a lot the photography, I photograph every activity that do with my friends. I was not sure if we have to move to another city, but I was happy to preserve the important moments in my photos. Maybe that was that motivates me to study art, I imagined that learning new techniques I could express that simple things but that are important in different ways.

How do you start a work that is an installation and when do you know that it is conclude?

I do not think that a work has an end, I think that these works on cycles and each have a specific time and a different process. It allow to check and staring a work from different perspectives as time passes. Sometimes happens that you have an idea which want to work but you start after a long time and there are other ideas that you never finished neither see the lights. I consider that is better to start ideas of multiple forms more than waiting to finish a work and to start other.

What is your job about and what makes it different to other installations?

If I could define my last work it would be a blend of art and technology. I really like procreation and electronics, the veracity of this fields allow you make the things really impressive, all depends of the technique capacity that you have to work with them.

In specific terms I spend my time walking for the city recording the datum of this tour with a GPS programmed by me. After that the datum obtained are processed in two modelling programs in 3d (Blender + python y Rhinoceros) and I build a sculpture. I have worked with unit of cardboard boxes to build these volumes, allowing sculpture being light in relation with its size and working with the cuts of each unit, sculpture obtain an organic form which is difficult to connect with the “cardboard box.”

This work is called Caminar es un objeto and had a good reception with the public. I had exhibit it in the Concurso Matilde Pérez Arte & Tecnologías digitales 2014, en el Museum Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna in 2015-2016 and in the Anual de Artes Visuales Cero a la Izquierda del MNBA in Santiago and in Concepción 2015.

It is a work which have many phases in the process to obtain the shape and build the final sculpture and also in the reflection of the technology’s use, in this case, technology of geolocation and the limits that can break with it.

As a Chilean ¿What do you think about the progress of art culture and maker?

I think that Chile is a small circle of art and this makes interesting is some aspects and challenging in other aspects, especially at the moment to sell your work. It is more difficult to sell a sculpture or installation that a photography or painting, it is for the formats and management of assembly that each technique has, but never is impossible. Being a small circle should be easy to know what is happened and who are the people which are working in different projects are. However I think that is necessary more communication between artists, curators, galleries- museums- workshops, there is necessary involve generations and a powerful integration of young people.

Why do you think that to buy art is important?

In this moment I think that is more important that people consume art, but not necessarily buy it, it can be going to museums, galleries, and exhibitions, meting artists and their works. If we pretend that everybody buy art, we would leave out many Chileans. If the artist’s public is present and more conscious the level of public rise, and with it increases: the artist and work level, and in general increase the level of circle. All start going out and visiting exhibitions.




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