Joaquín Fargas | “Es un proceso continuo que nunca acaba, siempre hay algo nuevo para descubrir”

Blending art and engineering, Joaquin Fargas is part of an artistic, technological and scientific field that reflects in his work. In the field of science, he connects the concepts didactically but at the same time in harmony. From art, his work has relation with the care of nature and consciousness. His creation has relation with formulations about the life and how are related the things and the future. He uses biological materials and technological, digital and even robotic tools.

He has showed in eight individual exhibitions including Argentina, Portugal and Spain. In addition of collective projects of two years. In the last years he has developed a profuse activity which consists in the execution of works, installations “site specific”, performances and academic conferences on every continent including Antártica. Also he has been curator, jury, object of evaluation, making courses and workshops.

¿What was it that inspires you to be an artist?

I never had a moment of enlightenment, it is something that always was with me since I can remember. I dedicate all my life to produce with the materials that I found or those that I thought could be useful and of this manner I went to meet them. It is a continuous process that never ends, there is always something new to discover, to know or to experience.

What do you use in your works and how do you start it?

The works are varied, they can be paintings, sculptures, installations and performance and the media are also extensive. Throughout my work I have used welding, robotics,augmented reality, biotechnology, communications and living organism, etc. All the environment inspires me, sometimes I have to focus the thoughts because i need a determinate theme or sometimes a need a existing support or in other cases I am elected to present a work “site specific”.

In general my works never are finished because these can be progressing, for this reason many of them are called projects as a “work in progress” which have not end.

What makes your job interesting and different?

I use different techniques because is the only way that i find to express my ideas, sometimes just one medio is not enough to express myself. In general, the works has main objectives which are to be interactive or that inspires reflection. Spectator do not stay in the instance of contemplation, they participate and in many case they express their thoughts in the moment or through social networks.

As an Argentine artist What do you think about Chilean culture and how is it reflected on art market?

I do not live in Chile but I have the experience of travel frequently and have shared the artistic atmosphere, and it demonstrate to me that there is a great evolution and it is reflected in a market with movement the many opportunities to show works.

Why do you think that to buy art is important?

For the buyer, to buy art is make a difference of the usual ways of consume. Buying art means looking for something of our pleasure, something unique or limited in terms of production, it means to value something beyond its monetary cost. For the artist it means a recognition for the work that goes beyond of financial support that it means.







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