Obra de Picasso vuelve al Pompidou después de 13 años perdido por robo

La coiffeuse by Pablo Picasso was lost. It was stolen and sold for just € 30 in New York, pretending to remain in the anonymity forever. Because the steal, the painting kept the attention of authorities, the art and multitude world following the steps of the place in where the painting was.

It was outside of the Centre Pompidou for more than 13 years but it do not be outside forever. It was found two years ago in United States and now it returns to the walls and to the glass cabinet of the Centre Pompidou, the place where always had to stay.

Its return is set at 24 of this month. It was restored on september of last year but it needed 5 months of restoration. The damage was evident but the painting has been saved and cared again to be exhibit again. The centre Pompidou in a statement said that “ because the steal and the bad conditions of conservation, the repair’s time has been extended”

It is a cubist oil painting and it is 33 x 46 centimeter. It was painted in 1911 and it was recovered when museum’s personal confirmed that the painting was the original that had been stoled in 2001 but that painting had suffered some damages.

It was sold by the thief to his buyer in just € 30 ¿What is the real prize of the painting? In the moment of the steal, it was valued around US$2.5 million which now is around € 2.25 million in the actual exchange.




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