Anish Kapoor exhibe su vínculo explícito con la obra de Rembrandt

There are three works that had exposed the esthetic and artistic theory , a link that for all reach a celestial sound. The famous British artist AnisKapoor is showing in the honor art gallery of Rijksmuseum until April 3. It is a work inspired in the last works realized by the art master Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. The drawings show off visceral: relief worked in resin layers and silicone in red and white colors which emulate extract of human flesh : the blood and the wound.

The dialogue is explicit and it was put on the table. Rembrandt’s works as ‘The Jewish Bride’, ‘The Syndics’, ‘Titus Dressed as a Monk’ and ‘Self-Portrait as the Apostle Paul’, are linked and also complement a speech resuming a kind of continuation or cycle of subject plastic, esthetic and argumentative.

The position of the pieces, the extracts of three tear body are combined, they talks as the series does, but also with past inspirations. The basis to this interpretation is created by the theme: violence, the trauma, and social and political unrest. This time the British’s work is inspired in his interest of the Greek legend of the satyr Marsyas. Marsyas challenged Apollo to a musical duel in which Marsyas lost. As the winner, Apollo ties Marsyas to a tree and skin him alive.



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