Ilustración: una crítica social sin censura

Excess, drugs, sedentary lifestyle, abuse, injustice, lies, obsessions, ambitions, mistreatment, among many: these are the topics artists found on the – as they call it – morally careless society. They present a clear visuality and message from which nobody can be indifferent. Mass medias, Internet specially, make news flowing and show realities of several places and cultures. However, some prefer to blindfold themselves. Satire is for catching attention, a deep contrast that does not stop to be interesting and reflexives.

Arte al Límite invites you to know some of these artists and their works. They wish a change or, at least, they want you to have your own conclusions.

1.- John Holcroft

Dangerous roots
“Likes” that fuel EGO.
Economy as a rollercoaster: it goes up and down.
Fatal attraction

2.- Pawel Kuczynski

Media morbidity
Watching television is easier
Culture for many
Feeding our animals with others
Green grass for flocks, but vote for the highest bidder first
Junk promises
Education system error

3.- Steve Cutts

City mice
When will we get bored?
Destroying planet to line pockets

4.- Luis Quiles

abused, exploited, and subdued children.
Shark politicians and entrepreneur
Do we learn of ironies
Homicidal homophobia

5.- Von Kozak

Gender violence
Operating a nonexistent brain

What do you think? Personally, my favorite ones are Pawel Kuczynsky’s, and yours?

You can see and enjoy these illustrations. For more information about the artists, click on the following links:



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