La genialidad de Basquiat en 95 páginas, por Leonhard Emmerling

Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of the tomes from the collection of artists and art movements of the TASCHEN editorial. That tome also represents the name of the artist. It’s a lightweight book that contains images of excellent level with concise and neat texts. Due to this, this edition is an expedite dose of information about the story, life, and work of the artist.

This text is a journey through the existence of Basquiat, a timeline that encompasses both his personal moments and his work, and a biography that is so well explained that you cannot miss it. There’s information that will amaze you: his friends, personality, self-destructive impulses, and his extreme shyness. He became famous at a very young age, but he died when he was 27 years old. Those are the essential elements that turned him into a legend.

Basquiat was one of the undisputed icons of the 80s in New York and Europe. His work made him successful very soon because of the originality of his technique and the colors that he used on the canvas, by also mixing graffiti with painting. We realize in this spectacular review about the recurrent topic of his work and that was the strong criticism about racism, inequality, and power. The social commitment that he had was very deep as his ambition, which is an interesting combination. The life of a genius full of inspiration and ups and downs.

The author of Jean-Michel Basquiat is Leonhard Emmerling. He got his doctorate at the Heidelberg University and from 2010 he has been in charge of the Visual Arts Department of the Goethe-Institut Munich.

The Basic Art 2.0 series of the TASCHEN editorial was created in 1985 with its first publication about Picasso.
This enabled the creation of the bestseller collections, where more than 45 successful tomes are shown. This collection includes 200 titles in 20 languages. You can find tomes about artists, genres, and architecture.

This book can be found in Contrapunto library for CLP 11,800 and for CLP 11,210 in their web page.



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