Imperdible exposición en el Centro Cultural La Moneda

Álbum de Chile: Retrato de una nación

Last Friday, 19th February, was done the main exhibition of Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda. This exhibition has two rooms: Sala Andes and Sala Pacífico. In the first one, you can see old cameras of the nineteenth century, a photographic studio that sets in context a creative stage and, at the same time, addresses Chilean Myths – like beauty, religion, and different identities. On the other hand, Sala Pacífico addresses historical facts by turning them into photos that left marks and wounds on our country.

The exhibition will be opened for 40 days in Centro Cultural, gathering works from 160 national and international artists. These artists describe history of the last centuries by taking photographs. 800 works on exhibition will make you travel to other times and memories of Chile. It is, without doubt, an opportunity to see what other generations saw, generation that lived our history filled of violence, death, beauty, modernity, inequality, growth and many other scenarios of our country, cultural and advertising changes, family-related topics, a complete portrait of Chilean society.

Besides, the exhibition has free learning activities for children, young people, and adults. When? Until April 3rd in Centro Cultural La Moneda, Monday to Tuesday from 9:00 to 19:30 hours. It is totally free until noon!

Exhibition – Álbum de Chile – Retrato de una Nación – from February 19th to April 3rd, 2016 – Centro Cultural La Moneda – Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 19:30 hours – free entrance until noon – General: $2000 Chilean pesos – arrangement, student, and senior prices: $1000 Chilean pesos

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