El movimiento que simplemente ODIA a Renoir

As you just read it, there is a group of people that simply cannot neither stand nor cope artworks by French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. On Instagram, this group has 10,000 followers and uploads photos mocking or insulting details that seem to be unacceptable.

In fact, last year, a small protest outside Boston Museum was performed. They demanded that these artworks must be taken away because, according to them, these are quite “sentimental” for a serious museum. This group, that calls themselves activists for artistic justice, had placards with written messages like “God hates Renoir.”

Objectively speaking, Renoir has not good criticism among experts. They say that the paintings are blurred and – besides – with a “sugary” or “peach-colored” looking. Even, according to diario.es, the Metropolitan of New York and the MoMA are taking away the most criticized artworks. “It simply didn’t belong to the story of modern art that we are telling,” said the curator Kirk Varnedoe.

Regarding the way Renoir painted bodies, critic Christopher Knight said, “long limbs, high breasts and no sense of either skeletal structure or musculature beneath tactile flesh, … these are like inner tubes filled with compressed air.”

Other critic, Artha Lucy, expert on Renoir, explains, “since 1950, modern art started to be understood as something hard and intellectually invigorating.” It seems that sweetness and blurriness of the French painter do not fit for many people in social criticism of art.

The main exponent of the site #RenoirSucksAtPainting, Max Geller, exhibits photos he received from his group. He shows a strong criticism against the way Renoir painted. Look at some of his publications.



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