Camuflaje: El flirteo del arte con la mímesis

They are hidden, they seem not to be there, but their silhouettes remains in the place camouflaging with the environment. A simple matter for a stick bug or a chameleon as they obtained this skill genetically or additionally, but this does not work for humans, who are all equals, all protruding… until boredom.

Some have wanted to hide people inside frames or environments, trying to make them unperceived, like if they were not there physically, but their presence remains. And they have got it. After drawings, make-ups, landscapes, or patterns; some souls, silent souls watch over and look after a scene without wanting to be a common added keeper.

So the landscape predominates more than the body, nature above man, pattern above person because mimesis has been an aesthetical concept and links similarity with the fancy of belonging, of not predominating before another element and being part of a defined frame.
The creation of invisible women and men has been the work of diverse artists worldwide. We will show you one of each continent, so you will see that this is not new and – despite of this – does not stop to be amazing due to its technics, skills, talent, and the dexterity of hiding.



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