79 obras de Picasso abandonadas hace más de 3 años

On the sea shore, these artworks await her owner. These were made by Picasso, another reason to not be abandoned. These are valued for 300 million euros and are kept in containers that, at some point, were unloaded in a Frank port of Geneva.

These pristine and almost forgotten artworks lie there since 2012. Their owner is Catherine Hutin-Blay’s stepdaughter. After three years, these artworks – whose purpose was always to be exhibited or to be shown to at least one person – await the moment to see light once again. This recalls the Allegory of the Cave of Plato. Works forgotten through time – sometime worn, sometimes intact – wait to discover a different society. At this time, with the fluctuating movement of art market, the 79 Picasso’s works have an uncertain destiny, waiting their luck.

Being almost in Switzerland, in a warehouse center, these works will be kept inside. Certainly, the owner inherited more than 79 works. Once her mother passed away, the stepdaughter will inherit more than 1,000 artworks from Picasso – among engravings, sculptures and paintings.

Hutin-Blay is the destiny. She wraps them with an erratic mystery. Jacqueline in turkish costume is one of them, Jacqueline with crossed legs, among others. These two last ones are valued for more than 30 million euros each one. Concerning delivery, papers are up-to-date; nothing was done irregularly, everything according to norms. Despite of this, nobody has claimed them. Some believe that the collector has put the works aside, thus, she could dedicate to work on her name above her artistic heritage. This theory is not confirmed yet. Meanwhile, Picasso’s works wait on the shore.



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